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Holiday Safety Tips for Your Pet

December is a wonderful time filled with holiday cheer, however, the decorations, food and parties may be overwhelming for your pet. Keep your pet safe with these simple tips:

  • Don’t use real candles. Use LED candles to prevent your pet knocking over a lit flame.
  • Anchor your tree.
  • Use a fake tree rather than a real tree.
  • Consider using a gate around the tree. This can prevent your dog or cat from getting to the tree, ornaments and presents.
  • Keep holiday decor out of reach.
  • Keep your pet away from the food and drinks during a party. Not all guests may know what is appropriate or not for your pet to have.
  • Keep it calm. If your holiday party gets too loud, consider keeping your pet in another room to keep them calm. Use white noise or music in the room so they don’t get overwhelmed by the noise from the party.